With +500 senior consultants we are almost always capable of allocating the right man/woman with the right qualifications for your challenge. All STRONGIT senior consultants have been through a quality screening process, TRUSTED BY STRONGIT, where we make sure that all necessary qualities are present. While the consultant’s toolbox has to be in order, we also attach great importance to personal and social skills as we almost always enter into the customer’s development team and the interplay between the parties involved has to function optimally.

We have competencies within all areas.


Software development

We essentially cover the entire spectrum within software development.

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Hardware development

Hardware development is still a significant aspect of product development.

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Mechanical product development

Through many years we have been involved in construction projects involving development, dimensioning, optimization and more.

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Project management

The success of a development project depends on how safely and comfortably it is controlled from start to finish – and through the potential challenges that are encountered on the way.

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General consulting

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