Freelance consultant

Are you an independent development consultant who would like to become part of a larger set-up with features such as an attractive freelance program, the possibility of entering larger projects and getting access to companies you may not be able to create an opening to on your own? Then let us hear from you.

Through the years, STRONGIT has built a well-functioning Freelance concept where both professional development and social aspects are in focus. We can always use you, as long as you:

• Stand out from the crowd within your area of expertise
• Thrive during a, at times, hectic working day
• Wish to part of a dynamic company
• Can display a high level of mobility
• Are a sympathetic and confidence inspiring person
• Have many years of experience with R&D
• Can be serious when it is demanded and fun when there is room for it

What do the consultants say?

I am super happy with my collaboration with STRONGIT because I, as a consultant, am in just as much focus as the customer is. It is made sure that I thrive and that I have tasks that both interest me and suit my competences.

The freelance life may in some ways be lonely, but STRONGIT often invites to dinners and trips to the cinema which means that you get close to your consultant colleagues and get an insight into what interesting tasks they have. It gives a unity which I have not experienced before.

André S. Kock, Freelancer

I have worket with STRONGIT for more than two years now and I experience a very energetic and serious treatment of all tasks that fully match your competences. There is not far between contact and contract.

STRONGIT hosts regular ’conventions’ for freelancers where there is the opportunity for both casual and professional talk over a good dinner.

Furthermore, STRONGIT utilizes its local knowledge to help freelancers with accommodation and other basic necessities.

Brian Thomsen, Senior Hardware Consultant

Helping each other so that 1+1 equals 3 is a ton of fun and gives a great team spirit. Being allowed to work witht the newest technologies in different customer projects means that you are always on the forefront of technological development. Being able to work in a relaxing atmosphere where there is room for jokes, even though effective work is being put in, makes the workday a lot more fun at STRONGIT. The fact that there is always support for us to do all we can to have satisfied customers, and that STRONGIT will not approve the work done if it is not of the highest standard, fits my personality very well and makes the working day more fun.

We regularly meet with the other consultants in one’s working area at social events, and it sure is nice to get to know the other colleagues from another point of view than just the technical one.

​Hans Skytt Steffensen, Senior Software Consultant

At STRONGIT I receive challenges and support for my development both on a technical and personal level.

The social events play a large role as you are often on your own as a consultant at the customers.

It is difficult to put into words, but there is a greater respect for the individual than I have experienced in other companies.

Esben Ravnholt Ovesen, Senior Consultant